1. To breathe (instead of working)

2. To strive to realize a Fluxconcert in a dream *

3. To remain motionless and silent (some time)

4. To lose gold (in the air, in the street, in the water)

5. To adopt, for some time, at the corner of a street, the position of Marie Geneviève van Goethem by Edgar Degas and remaining standing in an attitude of rest, legs apart, feet forming the fourth classical ballet position, hands behind their backs, the upright bust and head thrown back

6. To put a stone in its place (in a wall, in a sidewalk, in a lake)

7. To add a pinch of salt in the sea

8. To leave, with fingertips, a slight grease spot on a wall of an exhibition space

9. To insert discreetly golden jewelry in Charles Daudelin's Agora (Viger Square, Montreal)

10. To make a blunder voluntarily *

11. To masturbate discreetly against a sculpture by Alexander Calder [WARNING: nudity] *

12. To play hide and seek in solitaire

13. To listen at doors

14. To send a kiss remotely to an unknown person *

15. To abandon a tuna fish sandwich

16. To lay bricks over other bricks

17. To recite repeatedly in the subway, with a low, clear, distant voice, little color, a little slower rate than normal and strictly maintained, a phrase taken from the play Eh Joe by Samuel Beckett: "you know that penny farthing hell you call your mind.... »

18. To have black thoughts, moonless night

19. To give back the freedom to something

20. To imagine an empty room

21. To decrease the time on one's watch by 10 minutes

22. To wait for an email

23. To yawn ostensibly (for example, to provoke a yawn at another person)

24. To count the seconds of silence (in an hour, in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year, in a life)

25. To blush (because of shame or pleasure or anger or anything else)

26. To pour artificial tears in some place *

27. To take a minute of silence (shorter or longer)

28. To upload a text whose content is typed using a font (ZXX, for example, created by Sang Mun, a designer and former employee of the National Security Agency) supposed to be difficult to decrypt by Optical Character Recognition, the software used by Google and the NSA to analyze the texts on the Internet

29. To spy on someone or something from one’s window *

30. To strive to telepathically convey the desire to resign to a head of state *

31. To claim the resignation of a political party leader as a work of art *

32. To see red

33. :) → :( (or To recall the ruin of a smile) *

34. To chant repeatedly in a museum a quotation (without reference): "There is no document of civilization which is not at the same time a document of barbarism"

35. To tie up the laces of one's shoes in the middle of a crowd

36. To insert discreetly photographic self-portraits in catalogs and exhibitions

37. To adopt, for a while, a posture evoking Henry Moore's Reclining Figure (1969-70) *

38. To put perfume of the opposite sex

39. To not kill oneself every day (as long as every day one can kill oneself)

40. To wear one’s own shadow

41. To strike (and to stop making art for a day, a week, a month, a year, a life)

42. To erase something important

43. To censor a text without importance

44. To drink vodka in the rain

45. To drink gin in the rain

46. To drink white rum in the rain

47. To drink white Tequila in the rain

48. To drink triple sec in the rain

49. To drink ouzo in the rain

50. To drink sambuca in the rain

51. To eat a family bag of Doritos in 10 minutes *

52. To talk to oneself

53. To tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth (for a full day or for the rest of one’s days)

54. To curate some passages of a book (borrowed from a library), gently emphasizing them with a pencil lead

55. To boycott a randomly chosen chain of restaurants for the rest of one's days

56. To boycott a randomly chosen airline for the rest of one's days

57. To boycott a randomly chosen supermarket for the rest of one's days

58. To boycott a randomly chosen credit service for the rest of one's days

59. To boycott a randomly chosen automaker for the rest of one's days

60. To boycott a randomly chosen museum for the rest of one's days

61. To boycott a randomly chosen University for the rest of one's days

62. To boycott a randomly chosen electronics company for the rest of one's days

63. To boycott a randomly chosen jewelry store for the rest of one's days

64. To boycott a randomly chosen funeral home for the rest of one's days

65. To drop copies of the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo at the gates of the barracks or army recruiting centers (in the hope that soldiers carry it with them) *

66. To wait for one's wage

67. To increase a debt

68. To toast to the health of someone *

69. To make a wish for an unknown person *

70. To get as a ringtone for one's cell phone an excerpt from the hymn Nearer, My God, to Thee *

71. To write on the wall of a public toilet of a University a response to a presumed philosophical problem *

72. To adopt a "gunslinger gait" (or To walk in an exaggerated manner) *

73. To leave footprints in the snow among other footprints

74. To destroy a work of art (or To abuse discreetly of power)

75. To bury a treasure.

76. To insert discreetly any object into another almost identical object

77. To discreetly balance two almost identical random objects

78. To discreetly place any object against any other almost identical object

79. To discreetly align several almost identical random objects

80. To know how to be discreet

81. To descend a staircase naked (without being noticed) [WARNING: nudity]

82. To doubt everything

83. To be expected

84. To spread sugar under the snow

85. To spread salt under the snow

86. To spread flour under the snow

87. To spread chalk under the snow

88. To spread plaster under the snow

89. To spread cocaine under the snow

90. To spread talc under the snow

91. To illuminate light with a light

92. To spell backwards the surname and name of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, eating an orange *

93. To eat a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut. Exclaiming before taking a first bite: Hail to Gorbachev! *

94. To visit a grocery store (instead of a museum)

95. To brush one's teeth *

96. To hide one's influences

97. To strive to go unnoticed

98. To look away

99. To refrain from commenting

100. To send a Junk Email

101. To fill out a questionnaire instead of making art

102. To buy something instead of making art

103. To keep one's ideas to oneself

104. To reject an idea

105. To postpone a task for tomorrow *

106. To stay home

107. To create an air current

108. To send flowers to an unknown person *

109. To put one’s ego aside

110. To retain information

111. To exploit the dead

112. To let one's alarm clock rings *

113. To wait for a war

114. To go East

115. To tear the grass (so that it stays green) *

116. To miss words out *

117. To turn one's back

118. To bite one's nails

119. To meet an unknown person

120. To slow down one’s orgasm thinking about an unpleasant individual [WARNING: nudity] *

121. To ejaculate in a sock for men Dolce & Gabbana [WARNING: nudity] *

122. To create a Perrier puddle

123. To spread molasses on the street *

124. To feed pigeons with brioche

125. To eat truffles in the middle of homeless *

126. To lose one’s idea

127. To age

128. To sweat *

129. To be tired of being [WARNING: nudity]

130. To rest of nothing *